RichWell Boarding school is a school located in Portland, Oregon. Created by Diane Brown in the 1900's. It's biography is currently underconstruction.


Audition while I’m away!

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Send in auditions!

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Audition ! Audition! Audition!

Jacob Shillings| 18| Senior| FC: Zac Efron.

Jacob isn’t like the most. He’s made some mistakes, but he has owned up to them. There is one mistake he will never eve regret. That’s his daughter Sierra. She was born when he was only fifteen to a girl who scarred him for life. That is, Nikki Snyder. Jacob never seemed to get over her. Seeing her everyday, made it even worse. Sierra now lives with his parents just a mile away from the boarding school. He planned on making his life a success for her. She was his pride and joy, and nothing would ever get in the way of that.

Nikki Snyder | Sixteen | Junior| FC: Emma Watson

Being thirteen and pregnant ruined the sixteen year olds reputation in highschool for all four of her years. Getting knocked up by a rich freshman, and only being a eighth grader of a single father, most expected her to abort the baby, but she didn’t. Some how, she was to blame in the end for not being there. Everyday is a struggle for Nikki. From all the kids always making remarks about her abandoning her kid, to seeing Jacob everyday, Nikki couldn’t wait to be out. She wants to find a way to be in Sierra’s life, but how? She wasn’t sure anymore. Not about that, or about life.

Ashton Knight| Sixteen| Junior| FC: Ashley Benson.

Ashton is the craziest, preppiest, loudest, most outgoing girl you will EVER meet. She’s very girly, and very opinionated. She has a really cute personality, with a great sense of humor. Her grades are great, and shes very creative. She wants to be a  model. She’s great at faking a smile. When she goes home, its a whole different story. She spends most of her time trying to ignore and avoid her parents fighting, and her brothers drug dealing business. Ashton is bulimic, and and anorexic. She really wants to accomplish her dream of being a model, and she can’t help but think she’s not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not good enough.

Tristan Coleman| Seventeen| Senior| FC: (Young) Leonardo Dicaprio

Tristan, along with his buddy Landon are the “bad” of the school. They spend every waking moment trying to figure out a way to disobey the rules and regulations. They smoke, drink, and of course do drugs. Tristan is more then what he appears to be. He’s actually has a kind heart. On the weekends he spends his time at nursing homes helping the elders. He also has a talent that no one knows, he can play the guitar, and sing. He has an AWESOME voice. He hopes someday he can get past the “cool boy” act, and show the real him. That’s only if first he can stand up to Landon.

Mandy Mullane| Fifteen| Sophomore | FC: Sarah Hyland.

Mandy is the definition of drama queen. Why wouldn’t she be? Her parents are never home, and she acts out for attention. She tries her best to impress everyone. Her passion is writing. It’s what gets her through the days. She’s very smart, but she acts stupid, again for attention. She has won every pageant show that her mother has ever enrolled her in. She’s interested in boys, but the one she is interested in is taken. Mason Thomas, Yum.